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Am I ready? 

That question keeps on popping inside my head since last week. Am I ready to settle down by next year. Am I ready to start a new life with all this emotional baggage that I have inside. Am I ready to even start my own family, to be a wife and a mother after that.

Am I ready? 

Planning a Wedding is just is an amazing thing to do. Having the option to decide unto what color would the motif be, what flowers should we use. The style of the dresses, how many brides maid. Gahhd! It is just so plain wonderful! But the truth is what about after? Am I ready to wake up in the morning to fixed breakfast or simply just wake up early in the morning. Take note “EARLY”. 

How about having kids. I mean it is not just about, choosing the best name possible. It is about carrying them inside me for 9 months and thinking about labor pains and being nauseous or running out of breathe and yet you are just sitting. How about being a Parent, Am I ready to be one? Am I capable of raising a child/children?

Am I ready? 

Am I ready?



Today I lost my best friend. 12012011

Rest in Peace, Sheng! iloveyou



Found this very useful site online where all you need to do is just click the ingredients you have on your fridge and it will give you the possible food to make with the recipes included. Anyone can spell LOVE? Yayy! 

I can’t wait to use it again. And oh before I forget, here the link

Btw, HELLO DECEMBER, please be good to me! :)

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Months ago I posted the link of this blog on my twitter account. I thought I couldn’t care less of people reading my entries. Lately, I realized that I am not comfortable about it anymore. I want this blog to be a personal journal where I can write deeply and share things about me to people in the so called — CyberWorld.

You see I do not want people prying about me and judging me in the end. Trust me, I’ve been there already. Misjudged my character and all. But I am me, and the hell with them. The person who loves me will embrace all my imperfection and flaws. Fortunate to have that someone already. clap clap clap!! :)

So I deleted a link and replaced it with a new one. The one that I haven’t posted an entry yet. Kinda not in a mood to maintain another blog. I am planning to make the other account as a blog for food and travel. Basically, I haven’t traveled lately and I do not have plans of traveling to any part of my country yet. So it seems like that account shall be empty til next year. lol  

So that’s it for now. I will try to update this more often than the usual. 

xoxo Yas

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"When the pain ends, Love dies with it."


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I am hesitant to share something about me especially to what I am actually feeling. I always told myself that I could only have an online journal as long as I could be able to maintain it and be honest of what I type and share.  That maybe the soul reason why I wasn’t able to update. But to heck with ignoring that voice inside me. Tonight I will write something that I have kept for a day, a week or a month long. Tonight I will screammmm want is needed to be screamed. Tonight I shout from the inside. 

Okay. Lately has been tough. You, seeing your ex getting married and having a common friend is not so good! The old times/memories came flashing back on you like an old video player. SCENE by SCENE. Worst is, You can’t do anything about it but remember, and as much as you wanted to ignore it and not to feel bad about it. It just simply is. Not too long ago. a month ago if I am not mistaken. I asked my Mom if it is really normal to feel bad about an ex.getting.married feeling and she said “YES!” — Okay so I am pretty much normal about feeling bad about it. Well actually it is not about feeling bad alone but it is more about having mixed emotions. Of being happy and sad at the same time. Just like always, the reason why I let him go in the first place is that I know that he deserves someone else. Someone who might understand him more and who is willing to settle down with him right away. What can I do, I was in College then and settling down is quite scary. But I am happy for him though. cause he is marrying a good person. Liza is a catch! :)

Work has been tough lately and that Catering event is putting a pressure right on top of my shoulder. Later today I need to present them 2 kinds of dessert. Giving me a budget of 40 pesos for each dessert, that left me doubt founded for a while.  Okay then, it’s work so yeah what should I do. If I grabbed the opportunity that will give me an additional experience, future clients and 25,000 richer. Huhh! This is a challenge to me. After all, budgeting is a part of marketing. Talking about high quality dessert on a reasonable price.. Hmmm. not bad! 

And yes I have the most loving and supportive boyfriend in the whole world. The person who believed that I can make it through all that bidding stages. From Marketing, buying all the ingredients, costing and yeah moral support! He is that person and all, and yes more than what I could possibly write about him here. I do not think that I could ever find someone as good as He. We are two people with different personalities and perception. But it made me appreciate him more and I know that all those cats and dog fights had made us who we are right now. We are stronger day by day. We love each other a little more each day and get to know more of ourselves and what we really want, everyday. I love him with all my heart and soul and I could not imagine myself being with another man aside from him. He is my everything. My Life and Love, Forever.

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I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be.
But most people are unaware, that I am so much more than what they see.


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